An Internet-based Didactic Approach
for Language Teaching and Learning
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Writing a text describing an unknown place

Imagine that you are a student when you are performing the activity.

  • Specific objectives ...
  • Context and task ...
A class is going on a study trip to Prague.
To prepare for the trip, write a short text describing Prague using the information you find with the images.
  • Performing the task ...
  • Search: Use Google to search images about Prague.
  • Writing: Copy all the linguistics elements you find on the file names or legends of the images to use them in your own personal way. Then, using that information, write a short text about Prague.
  • Revision: To check certain expressions; their usage and frequency use the advanced search of Google. ...
  • Final correction: If you want to make sure that your text is correct, and it is French, send it to Orthonet. There it will be corrected and sent to you by email a few hours later. For the other languages send your text to experts or to your peers to help you. -->
  • Publication: Create a blog on the Internet and publish your texts.