An Internet-based Didactic Approach
for Language Teaching and Learning
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Role Play: a modern fairy-tale – Little Red Riding Hood

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1. In order to perform the task, each student should have a nickname and a password for the chat.
The class is divided into groups of three. The teacher creates different private chatrooms for each group.
The room for group 1 calls is called 'play1'; for group 2 it is called 'play2', etc.
In order to ensure a smoothly running activity, the teacher should be well familiar with the chat and possibly create the chatrooms in advance.

2. The students' task is to perform a role play based on the story 'Little Red Riding Hood'.
You probably know the classical fairy-tale. If you do not remember it, click here. >>

For the chat role-play, students should create and act out their own, new, modern version of the classical fairy-tale - the chat is their 'stage': They have to find the right words for the different situations, react to the words of the other characters and develop the plot.

3. Each student chooses the character that he/she would like to be in the play. The suggested role cards help them to find out more about "their" character and provide them with creative input.
Little Red Riding Hood >>
Grandmother >>
Hunter >>
Wolf >>
Narrator >>

4. The narrator is the one who starts the role play. He/She gives some information about the setting and determines who appears on/disappears from the scene. Once the narrator has started with the story, the other characters are free to 'speak', i.e. they type the text into the chat.

Time limit to produce a complete play: 30 min.