An Internet-based Didactic Approach
for Language Teaching and Learning
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Role Play: at the restaurant

  • Specific objectives ...
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  • Performing the task ...
In order to perform the task each student should have a nickname and a password for the chat.
The class is divided into groups of three. The teacher creates different private chatrooms for each group and invites the students to chat.
The room for group 1 is called 'dinner1'; for group 2 it is called 'dinner 2', etc.
In order to ensure a smoothly running activity, the teacher should be well familiar with the chat and possibly create the chatrooms in advance.

The students imagine the following situation: a couple is having a candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant. Within each group each member should choose a role.
  • waiter
  • man
  • woman

  • They perform the dialogue according to the script. >>
    We suggest you have the script printed.
    The teacher might interrupt the dialogues using the 'whisper' function and create 'surprises' by giving additional instructions.
    Alternatively, students might work in groups of four, one student playing the role of a 'moderator' who interrupts the dialogues.