An Internet-based Didactic Approach
for Language Teaching and Learning
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Participating in a travel forum

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  • Performing the task ...
  • 1. Study the following contributions that were posted in a travel forum and find out what are typical elements of such texts. Results will be discussed in class.
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  • Go to the travel forum of the Guide Routard. Collaborate with 1 or 2 colleagues and work out how the forum is structured and how navigation works. You have 10 minutes to browse the forum and choose a message that you would like to answer. -->

  • Prepare your contribution together with your colleagues. Use the texts you have already studied and other replies in the forum as models.

  • Exchange your contribution with another group and correct each other's version. Revise your own texts and post them on the forum.
  • Over the next few days/week, check if there are any reactions to your contribution. These reactions and possible further steps will be discussed in class.