An Internet-based Didactic Approach
for Language Teaching and Learning
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Creating a contribution for Wikipedia

Imagine that you are a student when you are perfoming the activity.

  • Specific objectives ...
  • Link to a tool you might use >>
  • Performing the task ...
  • Go to Wikipedia and check what information the site contains about your hometown.
    If there is already an article about your hometown, you have two options.
    a) Think of aspects that are still missing and might be added. You might find a keyword in the text for which you would like to create a new page with some additional information.
    b) Write a text about a smaller, less known town in your region.

  • If you do not feel competent enough to add information right away, try to extend your knowledge about the town, using different external resources - in your own language or in any other language.

  • In groups, prepare your contribution.

  • Add your text to Wikipedia. >>
    You may either want to modify an existing document or to add a new document, departing from a link of an existing page. Wikipedia offers comprehensive help and provides detailed information on how to create pages.
    When you create your texts you will work on the editing surface. If you want to try out things first, use the Wikipedia Sandbox.
    Editing texts for Wikipedia means you have to be familiar with the editing surface and the markup language.
    Mind that certain rules regarding content (e.g. Copyright) are respected. -->
    Mind that for the English version you have to be registered as a user and logged in when you want to create new articles.

  • Watch out for corrections and suggested amendments made by the Wikipedia editing-team or other users.